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Our engagement : an eco-responsible approach of environment management

Sustainable development – Energy management – Water management - Waste management – Eco purchases

Convinced by the sustainable development stakes, the Camboussel Holiday Village contributes, by concrete actions, to promote a mode of consumption, production and exploitation of eco responsible resources. On a day-to-day basis, we encourage our customers and our partners to follow us in this eco orientation.

Energy thrifty management :

Electricity is at the same time a way of economic and social development and a considerable source of pollution.
The stake is consequently to combine energy needs and conservation of the environment.

Our eco responsible participation :

  • Replacement of all the bulbs of outside lighting by low consumption bulbs controlled by automatic programmers,
  • Replacement of the 40 televisions by flat screens low consumption,
  • Reinforcement of the insulation of private and common spaces (double glazing, …) …

Your eco responsible participation :

  • Think to turn off the light when you leave your accommodation,
  • Don’t leave household appliances in sleep mode,
  • Prefer off-peak hours to do the laundry (10:30 pm / 6:30 am),
  • Keep the doors / windows closed when the heating is working, …

Water thrifty management :

Water is a precious natural resource, rare and expensive that we have to save and preserve.

Our responsible eco participation :

  • Progressive replacement of all the toilet flush mechanisms by water savers,
  • Progressive installation of tap swirls on the bathroom taps,
  • Choice of ornamental plants requiring few water, …

Your eco responsible participation :

  • Don’t let the water flow needlessly (while brushing your teeth, shaving, doing the washing-up, …),
  • Correctly use the double flow water saver of the toilets,
  • Adopt a god use of the washing machine (adapted program and weight),
  • Inform immediately when you notice a leak, …

Waste management :

Waste separation allows to fight efficiently against natural resources waste and to save the environment.

Our eco responsible participation :

  • Waste collection means allowing the waste separation are provided (baskets, yellow and green containers, batteries box),
  • Use of unbreakable and reusable glasses,
  • Selection of the cleaning products in large packaging for the accommodations,
  • Ecolabel products for common spaces, …

Your eco responsible participation :

- Rigorously respect waste separation means provided in Brassac :

  • Recyclable waste,
  • Household waste,
  • Glass,
  • Batteries,
  • Other waste.

- Avoid at the most disposable products and packaging, …